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Universal Spreader WE 330
The lightweight and flexible WOLF-Garten Universal Spreader WE 330 has a spreading range of 41 cm and is ideally suited to all kinds of spreading material (seed, Fertilizer or grit and salt in winter). This precision spreader with metal parking stand has a hopper size of 15 litres and is made of antistatic plastic.
Spreader »Perfect« WE 430
The WOLF-Garten "Perfect" Spreader WE 430 is a precision spreader for gardeners with high demands for their lawns. Spreading adjustment is accurate and convenient with a range of 43 cm for lawn seed and Fertilizer. The "lever spread regulator" prevents material escaping when the spreader is stationary, and the special wheels ensure particularly quiet operation as well as safety in an upright position during filling.
Hand Spreader WH
The WOLF-Garten Hand Spreader WH is ideal for fast spreading of seed and Fertilizer over small areas. Made of top quality weather-resistant plastic with a working width of 12 cm, it is also ideally suited for spreading salt and grit in winter.
Universal Spreader WE-B
The battery-operated Single-Handed Spreader WE-B ensures easy, quick, even and safe distribution of all spreadable materials such as seed, Fertilizer, sand, salt etc. over areas up to 750 m².